Filter Regulator


Filter regulators

Filter regulators in different sizes and different models, including the following.

  1. Regulator and Filter Size: 3 “, 2”, 1 “, 3/4”, 1/2 “, 3/8”, 1/4 “, 1/8” is
  2. Drain the moisture (water) in the model manual drain, drain semi-automatic and fully automatic unloading is.

Air Filter regulators structure:

Air filter regulators consists of several parts, including the following:

  1. Set the regulator inlet air with the wind indicator to view the intake air pressure
  2. Fibers or brass 5 microns to dehumidify the air and moisture holding chamber separated from the air
  3. Drain the moisture separated from the air intake port performance air filter regulators:

The intake air then passes through the regulator to the filter dehumidifiers 5 microns entered by filtering moisture intake air separation and dry air without any water to the filter output regulator was conducted, and then the wind system update will be transferred.

Standard Working conditions regulator and filter

Filter Regulator in 40+ temperatures between -5 ° C and winds of 10 to 0 with fluid pressure can be used. Note that if soaked in oil or fat intake air filters and dehumidifiers fat is not able to dehumidify.

فیلتر رگلاتور

Indications Filter Regulator:

  1. spoil and lose all O-rings and packing in Jack and pneumatic steering valves and oxidation and rusting and decaying body of Jack and valves to inflate.
  2. In the paint industry can be used to create water holes, uneven surface color and many different problems noted. In the automobile industry, food, pharmaceutical, medical, construction, oil, gas, petrochemical, and more.


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