Isatis Farayand Abzar is a leading distributor of industrial products in fields of INSTRUMENTATION, and process control system. We aggressively pursue the highest standards of quality, workmanship and service. With our own extensive customer service, you can rest assured that your satisfaction of utmost importance.

Our company serves professional and technical service for supplying, training, installation, calibration and maintenance. Through our strategic relationships, authorized dealerships, the expertise of our buyers, and exceptional promotions, ISATIS can offer excellent prices and outstanding values.

Our customers in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power plants, Food & Beverage, Cement, Mining, Pulp and Paper depend on our reliability, high-quality and consistent performance.

Outstanding performance depends on excellent organization and flexibility. It’s all about planning: from concept through delivery to our customers.


In order to achieve our quality policy, our objectives shall be achieved:

In our approach to our customers:

·         By determining their real needs.

·         By supplying them the required products with realistic delivery dates.

·         By always providing them with quality services and products.

In our approach to our suppliers:

·         To develop excellent relationships with suppliers.

·         By having their commitment to communicating accurate information to us.

·         By having their commitment to provide us with quality products and service.

We shall achieve our quality objectives when we can consistently provide a standard of Quality service and products to our customers that exceed their expectations.